TRUEresult Twist Blood Glucose Meter

Monitor your blood glucose levels anywhere, anytime.

The TRUEresult Twist is a compact meter allowing accurate*, convenient testing for people on the go. TRUEresult Twist is exceptionally small and available in 3 great colours: 'Aura', 'Blue Energy' and 'Phantom Black'.

Each TRUEresult Twist also comes with its own Koozie -a convenient, colour-matched sleeve which holds your TRUEresult Twist meter, test strip vial and mini lancing device. Testing has never been easier to incorporate into your day!

  • No coding
  • Results as fast as 4 seconds
  • Tiny 0.5 µl sample size
  • Width 3.5cm, Length 4.2cm
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Strip release button
  • 99 test memory
  • Available in 3 colours -pink, blue & black